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The fee depends on the registration date of the participant:
a) 750 PLN (+23% VAT) if you register till 31st January 2017
b) 900 PLN (+23% VAT) till 28th February 2017
c) 1 100 PLN (+23% VAT) till 27th March 2017

For representatives of companies providing training and consulting services:
a) 1 850 PLN (+23% VAT) if you register till 31st January 2017
b) 2 000 PLN (+23% VAT) till 28th February 2017
c) 2 200 PLN (+23% VAT) till 27th March 2017
Please contact us to verify the prices. 

Special offer for participants of Portfolio Experience 2014 - 2016! If you attended our previous conference, we have special price reduction for you:
a) Minus 50 PLN if you register till 31st January 2017
b) Minus 100 PLN if your register till 28th February 2017
c) Minus 150 PLN if you register till 27th March 2017 

You can also participate in workshop on 4th April 2017. The cost of participation in workshop is:

950 PLN (+23% VAT) in case you participate in the conference (3rd April 2017)
1300 PLN (+23% VAT)  in case you do not wish to participate in the conference (3rd April 2017)

Please select proper options on the form below.

Please read Conference Terms before registering. The conference is planned for a limited number of participants, so we encourage you to register now.

If you want to register more than one person from the same organization, we will issue a pro-forma invoice. Then, after the payment your registration will be completed.

After filling the form, a registration confirmation notice will be sent to you via email by our consultant. If your confirmation email has not arrived within five business days, please contact us: 

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