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  • Kimberly Wiefling

    Kimberly Wiefling helps individuals, teams and organizations achieve what SEEMS impossible, but is merely difficult. How? By turning managers into leaders and groups of people into real teams through her unique "WorkShocks" - highly engaging, experiential, interactive "Learning Laboratories" where real change happens. And these changes lead to meaningful and measurable business results.

    DEEP EXPERIENCE with GLOBAL COMPANIES: Kimberly has worked all over the US, Europe and Asia, traveling to Japan over 100 times to work with culturally diverse employees of globalizing Japanese companies. Her superpower is bringing people with diverse backgrounds, cultures & styles together, across borders and boundaries of every kind, to achieve what none could do alone.

    Kimberly’s first book, Scrappy Project Management, was published in Japanese by the #1 business publisher in Japan, Nikkei Business Press. She has edited and co-authored an additional 5 books and dozens of blogs.

    A TECHNOLOGIST with HUMAN SKILLS: A physicist by education, Kimberly realized long ago the limits of technology devoid of human skills – the so-called “touchy feely” aspects of working in teams so vital to success, and so frequently overlooked. Kimberly’s mentor, Dr. Edgar Schein, has been a guiding influence on her work to transform business results through practical, sensible approaches. And Kimberly is a founder of the Silicon Valley Engineering Leadership Community Meetup (SVELC, formerly SVForum EL SIG).

    BUSINESS RESULTS FOCUSED: Kimberly facilitates highly engaging leadership, organizational change, and team effectiveness workshops based on her “Possibilities Toolbox”, Scrappy Design Thinking, Scrappy Project Management, and Inspired Company Cultures. Her intensive behavior-changing “learning laboratories”, which she playfully refers to as “workShocks”, directly translate into business results. Her latest book is “Inspired Business Cultures – Discover Your DNA, Engage Your People, and Design Your Future”.

    SPECIALIZING in CROSS-FUNTIONAL AND CROSS-CULTURAL TEAMS: Kimberly has worked globally with people from over 50 different countries in every corporate function, from finance to IT to engineering to executive teams. Her clients include many well-known global brands in a broad range of industries. 

    FROM STARTUPS to the GLOBAL 1000: In addition to her extensive experience with global companies, Kimberly is a serial entrepreneur. She has been personally involved in over a dozen Silicon Valley startups, one of which was acquired by Google, and another that she helped bootstrap to 7 figure annual revenues.

    MAKING a DIFFERENCE: Kimberly is passionate about making a meaningful difference by working with organizations, individuals and teams committed to solving the problems of Our World – profitably and thus sustainably. She is on the founding team of the Silicon Valley World Resources SIMCenter Project.

    The theme her presentation is Designed to Fail: The Shocking Truth About the Global Epidemic of Workplace Dysfunctionality.

  • Mattias Georgson Petrén

    Mattias Petrén works with management consulting, organizational change, and training within project management. He is PMI Region Mentor for NW Europe and Past President of PMI Sweden chapter. He works at the PMI R.E.P. Arkatay consulting on assignments in both Sweden and Europe. Mattias has an academic background with a PhD in engineering Physics, and has the past 15 years worked with projects in various industries ranging from building particle accelerators to ERP systems. He received his PMP in 2006, has two agile certifications and is a certified PRINCE2 trainer. 

    He will tell you about Creating a community for Project Managers, case study from PMI Sweden Chapter.

  • Kristina Jonkuviene

    Kristina has extensive experience in energy sector and management consulting. Her passion lays in reorganizational projects and companies’ long term strategy creation. Kristina held a role of PMO at energy company and was responsible for project portfolio of 150 mln PLN. She is an experienced project manager; her latest projects’ budgets exceeded 500 mln PLN.

    She holds Applied Mathematics and Business Management degrees and has PRINCE2 certificate. Her hobby is public speaking competitions; she won couple of regional awards. She loves jazz music which also inspires her business management style.

    She will lead Round Table session titled What could be vitamin C for your organization

  • Thomas Walenta

    Thomas Walenta works on projects from 1974 and is a full-time Project Manager since 1988.

    He currently is a Coach and Mentor for Project and Program Management Professionals and Interim Manager for Organizations. In 2014 retiring from IBM after 31 years, he is experienced with setting up complex programs, PMOs and turning around troubled projects. In parallel to his work he acts as a volunteer since 1998, as PMI Chapter President, PMI Board Member and being awarded as PMI Fellow in 2012. He is a frequent speaker at global conferences since 2000.

    Thomas Walenta’s background is more than 40 years of working on projects and almost 30 years leading projects. He initiated and ran PMOs, programs and projects for customers of IBM in system integration, software, outsourcing and strategy. He delivered turnkey projects, rolled out SAP to European country organizations, engaged and delivered large outsourcing contracts and integrated the full portfolio of IBM solutions in a key account role. Recently, he supported a German manufacturer to establish organization wide IT portfolio management. His cultural experience gained in projects is from government, insurance, banking, electronics and automotive industries as well geographically from most European countries, Russia, Japan and India.

    In parallel, Thomas Walenta build a career as volunteer at the Project Management Institute (PMI) from 1998. He led the PMI Frankfurt Chapter for almost 8 years and served on the global Board of Directors twice (2006-2008 and 2017-2019). His volunteer career reached a milestone in achieving the PMI Fellow Award in 2012, which was granted to only 70 individuals in more than 30 years. From 2011-2016 he served on PMI's Ethics Review Committee, dealing with ethic complaints and violations. He is a member of PMI since 1992 and of GPM (IPMA) since 1995.

    In addition to working for IBM and volunteering for PMI, he drove his own business since 2001, teaching project management at two Universities and taking engagements for strategic project management consulting. He is a professional speaker, was invited to more than 30 conferences globally and published articles and book chapters about project management topics.

    He will present the topic entitled Implementing change in organizations.

  • Marek Skała

    Efficiency Expert in business, inspirational speaker, the trainer workshop and coach, author of several bestsellers.

    He is a respected expert in management and change and leadership and motivate the sales force. In addition to motivational speeches and inspirational works with the boards of the biggest Polish and international companies, banks and corporations. He also conducts workshops, including with, managed, negotiations, changes or public presentations and business. He is co-founder of the Association of Professional Speakers. He is a member of ASTD and ICF and the International Federation of Journalists. Several times awarded as a trainer and speaker, is also the winner of the Sharp Pens BCC as a journalist. He wrote hundreds of articles on business and management. He is the author of the bestseller - Psychology Changes and Manipulation Disenchantment. Conducts workshops conferences strategic for companies, business conferences and inspiring public speaking to large groups.

    Topic of his presentation How to be an authentic leader of own projects - psychological aspects of business efficiency in projects.

  • Katarzyna Janik

    HR Director, SIG Poland
    An experienced manager in the field of human resource management. Her career started in early 90s from cooperation with the American Peace Corp participants, who taught how to develop entrepreneurship.  She has been working for SIG for more than 13 years, where she served as Head of Human Resources and Payroll and was responsible for combining six businesses into one organisation with more than 1000 employees. For over 5 years she has been responsible for implementing Group wide projects in the field of HR, she has been the HR Director for SIG Poland for over two years.  She graduated Polish Philology at the Jagiellonian University and completed postgraduate studies in Labour Law at the Jagiellonian University.  Privately, an admirer of organization: “Different by design”.

    Together with Edyta Bąkowska - Szczurek will speak about Learning Organization. Building the culture of shared responsibility.

  • Edyta Bąkowska - Szczurek

    Senior Project Manager, Coach, Facilitator  SIG Polska
    Specialises in working with organisations, diagnosing development needs, developing and conducting training and development programmes.  Has several years of experience in designing and conducting employee development training in sales, as well  as supporting the organisation  in implementing changes.  Edyta is also a consultant in the field of transformation and strategic changes within an  organisation. 

    She uses facilitation and coaching, both individual and team focused, on different organisational levels to support strategic and business objectives, and to fully utilise employee potential by encouraging them to develop their professional careers, using creative problem solving and facilitating meetings, as part of projects and changes within SIG, including the facilitation of sales and management teams.

    As Senior Project Manager she manages other Project Managers and interdisciplinary projects in SIG, using PMI, Agile and Design Thinking methodologies.

    She has graduated from the Faculty of Energy and Fuels in AGH in Krakow.  She gained the industry experience at the Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences.  As a coach, she finished an accredited ICF programme “The Art and Science of Coaching’ from Erickson College International. She gained her comprehensive training skills in the Trainers School at Jagiellonian University.  She is also holding an executive MBA diploma from Central Connecticut State University and Cracow University of Technology Business School. She developed her facilitation skills at Jagiellonian University’s Facilitation School, as part of International Association of Facilitators. 

    Together with Katarzyna Janik will speak about Learning Organization. Building the culture of shared responsibility.

  • Tomasz Boiński

    Agile and Traditional Project Management Expert, Agile and Lean IT Practitioner, Management 3.0 Enthusiast, Transformation Spiritus Movens. Tom has extensive IT experience (more than 10 years) in small, medium and big enterprises, with more than 8 years in Project Management (agile and traditional). He has experience and expertise in technical areas of: IT Software Development, E-commerce, E-learning, Business Intelligence, Telecommunication, and Banking. In his professional and private life he is a strong enthusiastic of the synergy between various project methods and standards - always approaching it with common sense and pragmatism. Project Management best practices, continuous improvement and project excellence advocate. Project Management is not only his main professional activity but is also a life passion. Tom holds higher school diplomas in IT and Management and several industry - project management certifications. Mentor. Volunteer. At the moment helping mBank S.A. become a top digital bank with world class IT.

    Together with Michał Rączka will present the topic entitled PMO? IT PMO? We don’t need one and then will lead Round Table session of the same title. 

  • Michał Rączka

    Project management expert, experienced in new technologies & digital leadership fields. Currently, he is the IT Strategy and Project Management Vice Director at mBank S.A. and PMI Poland Chapter Board Advisor. He is also a project management lecturer at the Executive MBA programs and at the EY Academy of Business. He has conducted several organisational changes involving the optimisation of project management methods and agile transformations and is passionate about lean and agile approaches. Always keeps Team in the centre. Value and results focused with lean and agile approach. Individual with proven achievements in project & business management, process improvement and team leadership. Experienced in managing geographically distributed, multi-disciplinary projects and customer teams. Capable of leading and motivating individuals to build cohesive teams. Experienced in project excellence awards assessments. Conference speaker. Strategic Advisor. Lecturer. Volunteer. Mentor. 

    Together with Tomasz Boiński will present the topic entitled PMO? IT PMO? We don’t need one and then will lead Round Table session of the same title.

  • Justyna Baranowska

    Project Management Office Director

    Associated with Young Digital Planet for 13 years, Justyna was responsible for the implementation of major educational projects for strategic clients (from Germany, France, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Latvia and Belgium). Since 2014 she has been managing the Project Management Office in YDP, supervising the work of Project Managers as well as Proposals and Tenders Team to ensure effective customer service. She is responsible for the main business process in YDP – its implementation and optimization. In 2016 YDP PMO won the award the Fastest Growing PMO in 2015. 

    She will lead Round Table session about Building project managers community.

  • Henny Portman

    Henny Portman is one of the partners of Hedeman Consulting. He was the thought leader within NN Group of the PMO domain and responsible for the introduction and application of the PMO methodologies (portfolio, program and project management) across Europe and Asia. He trains, coaches and directs (senior) program, project and portfolio managers and project sponsors and built several professional PM(O) communities. He is APMG accredited P3O, PRINCE2, MSP, MoP and PRINCE2 Agile trainer and a SPC4 SAFe consultant and trainer too. He is the author of many articles and books in the PM(O) field and blogger ( 

    The theme his presentation will be Will the PMO disappear in the agile world?.

  • Remigiusz Orzechowski

    PhD Remigiusz Orzechowski
    CEO & Business Architect, Hadrone Sp. z o.o.
    Assistant Professor, Warsaw School of Economics

    Entrepreneur, advisor and academic lecturer. Specialising in development and implementation of software for managing project portfolio and IT services portfolio, i.e. Hadrone PPM and Hadrone SPM, as well as in designing and transformation of IT organisations.

    He has many years of experience as a project manager and leading consultant in projects relating to implementing processes and tools for managing project portfolio and service portfolio in large-sized and medium-sized institutions and companies. He acquired experience while working on projects in the private sector (power, insurance, banking, pharmacy, IT, industry, services) and the public sector. He is an academic lecturer and head of post-graduate studies for IT managers at the Warsaw School of Economics.

    He is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics with a PhD degree in Economic Sciences and a Master’s degree in two fields: Quantitative Methods and Information Systems (major: Business Informatics) as well as Management and Marketing (major: Strategic Management).

    The theme his presentation will be From project management to project portfolio management – PMO challenges.

  • Elżbieta Gęborek

    Vice President at Computer Plus Krakow S.A.. Since 2004 participates in deployment projects for enterprise and large companies. Business consultant and solution expert for information and knowledge management systems, including PPM and BPM.

    Together with Damian Joniec will lead Round Table session the topic entitled 
    How to navigate the stormy seas of deploying information technology PPM tools to organization.

  • Damian Joniec

    Damian Joniec is project manager, business consultant and Project Server expert at Computer Plus Kraków S.A. In the last 9 years he has delivered over 50 business software implementation projects in areas of project and portfolio management, collaboration, knowledge management and workflow. Damian works directly with PMO teams at enterprise size companies implementing IT solutions for project and portfolio management, bringing together the technology and business users and thus delivering business value. He has gained professional IT experience since 1993, with central focus on PPM since 2007. He is a Microsoft Specialist: Managing Project and Portfolios with Project Server and a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert.

    Together with Elżbieta Gęborek will lead Round Table session the topic entitled How to navigate the stormy seas of deploying information technology PPM tools to organization.

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