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On the second day of the Conference Portfolio Experience (4 April 2017) will be a workshop in which participants will also be able to deepen their knowledge in a bellow topic.

How to Build an Effective Team Committed to Implementing Organizational Change 

Workshop Facilitator: Kimberly Wiefling

Highly effective cross-functional teams can accomplish what would be difficult, or impossible, for one person acting alone. Imagine a single human being building an entire country’s highway system or writing all of the books in your local library! But a group of people is not the same as a team, and there are many barriers to fully unleashing the “group genius”.

Organizational change requires cross-departmental collaboration, but complexity in these kinds of teams rises exponentially. Some of the challenges on the road to organizational change are how to:
- build teams with people from different departments, across various barriers and boundaries,
- convince people to join you in transforming your organization for the better.

An MIT study of global team effectiveness found that only 18% of the teams studied considered themselves successful. The most frequent causes of failure cited were:
- They failed to build trust,
- They failed to overcome communication barriers to solve problems and make decisions together,
- The goals of the individuals were not aligned with the team goals,
- The team goals were unclear.

Effective teams are designed to succeed. They have a shared vision of where they are going and shared values that guide how they behave during the journey. They trust each other, leverage their diversity, and work together to achieve shared goals. As Patrick Lencioni pointed out in the book “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team”, absence of trust, fear of conflict, avoidance of commitment, lack of accountability, and inattention to results, are five common barriers standing between teams and success.

You’ll leave this lively workshop equipped to enable your team to overcome these common obstacles and move from effective to extraordinary so that your team can achieve seemingly “impossible” results.

Note: If just knowing "how" to do something were enough we'd all be rich and thin, so Kimberly’s workshops are highly interactive, engaging experiences designed to change behavior and deliver results. 


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