This year's main theme:

PMO as the Strategy Bridge



On the second day of the Conference Portfolio Experience (17 April 2018) will be a workshop in which participants will also be able to deepen their knowledge in a specific chosen topic.

Business Driven PMO Setup and Management
by Mark Price Perry

Have you ever wondered why the PMO track record has not been better? Do executives use the PMO strategically? Do business unit managers need the PMO? Do agile practitioners even want the PMO? Is the PMO is becoming less relevant to business success and more like a back office support function?

In short, have you ever wondered if your PMO matters or questioned how it could be made more helpful to the organization? If yes, then this one day, highly interactive Business Driven PMO Workshop featuring thought provoking exercises and case examples that reveal the purpose and value of the PMO is for you. 

Based upon Perry’s years of PMO research and his three book series, Business Driven PMO Setup and Management (2009), Business Driven Project Portfolio Management (2011), and Business Driven PMO Success Stories (2013), this Business Driven PMO Workshop engages participants in thought provoking case studies and exercises that reveal, challenge, and correct common misguided PMO management, project management, and portfolio management approaches.

This workshop is 8 hours in duration and consists of the following four modules:

  • Module 1 – Business Driven PMO Management
  • Module 2 – Business Driven Project Management
  • Module 3 – Business Driven Portfolio Management
  • Module 4 – Open Space Roundtable Discussion

This workshop will be limited in attendance to ensure a high degree of interaction and it will provide many aha moments and new insights that can be immediately applied in the workplace.

Attendees of this PMO workshop will learn the following:
- The top reasons why PMOs experience difficulties and sometimes fail,
-A new, outside the project management community, perspective on PMO management, project management, and portfolio management,
-Techniques for facilitating leadership team participation and decision making in establishing the business purpose of the PMO,
-Situation Leadership Techniques that can help PMO Managers more effectively manage teams and servant-lead executives,
-An easy to implement and effective roadmap for PMO setup and on-going PMO management.


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