This year's main theme:

PMO as the Strategy Bridge


Henny Portman

Presentation title:
Will the PMO disappear in the agile world?

I will focus on a possible transition of organisations who are introducing the agile way of working. Starting with a traditional project setup using permanent PMO (portfolio level) and a temporary PMO. A result they keep the agile team in place and I will answer the question what does this mean for the PMO. I will continue my story by adding an agile team. Coordination between the teams can be managed by a scrum of scrum. Still no need for a projectorganisation wit PM and project board and no need for a tempory PMO. I add more and the coordination asks for a PM. What does this mean for the PMO? We can continue and institutionalize the coordination by using frameworks like Nexus, SaS, SAFe etc and have an integration manager, a roadmap manager a release train engineer and product managers and product owners. I will add some new to be created teams (asks for a PM to organise) etc. I will end with an overview and positioning of different agile methods and the role of the permanent PMO (focus portfoliomaangement, CoE) in an agile world:
- understand the added value of a permanent PMO in the agile world,
- insights in the consequences for temporary PMOs and PMO staff in the agile way of working,
- insights in the different agile frameworks and the positioning to each other.











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