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PMO as the Strategy Bridge


Katarzyna Janik & Edyta Bąkowska - Szczurek

Presentation title:
Learning Organization.  Building the culture of shared responsibility

SIG operates within the construction sector and is a leading distributor of specialist construction materials and systems. SIG customers are both individual and institutional recipients. SIG supports both small projects and large investments. It is part of the international group SIG plc with headquarters in the UK, on the market since 1956 and listed on the London Stock Exchange. In Poland, SIG has been operating for over 20 years, has more than 50 branches and employs more than 800 employees.

We invite you to read the case study on building the culture of shared responsibility, which is more often associated with extensive design and large amounts of work. Meanwhile, many cultural changes start from minor alterations, small and individual solutions. They are often the beginning of big changes which result in an increased efficiency of the entire organisation.

In our presentation, we would like to tell you about the events that had a significant impact on the present shape of SIG Poland. For last three years, SIG has implemented a number of inter-disciplinary projects, that built and strengthened the commitment and team shared responsibility. We will present the context of our organisations’ operations, the challenges we faced and the reasons why we decided to implement process optimisations that changed our organisational culture through these projects. Our reasons for implementing such changes were change the Group's strategy (in October 2013) as well as  the results of our Employee Engagement survey (conducted in March 2014) which pointed out the need for fundamental changes; primarily in the areas of communication and management. We will focus particularly on implementing coaching style of management, introduction of design thinking, using facilitation activities that support employee involvement allowing the process of changing attitudes, ways of thinking and habits, during the implementation of ‘hard’ optimisation solutions.  We will present the biggest challenges we faced when we started this process and actions we implemented during this project.

We are very happy to answer your questions about building employee engagement through participations in joint ventures and inter-disciplinary projects, the introduction of coaching style of management for a group of managers and what were the reasons behind our decisions. 

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