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PMO as the Transformation Enabler



Portfolio Experience Café

During every Portfolio Experience events, we always keep you busy. Our aim is to maintain your involvement at a high level. We prefer interactive presentation style; we fully dedicate the second day of our event to workshops, and we are famous for our round-table sessions. This year, we’ve decided to go one step further in this direction and we’ve designed a dedicated facilitated workshop that will engage each and every participant in a subject-matter dialogue enabling you to:

- Address the topics related to portfolio management that are of the primary interest to you

- Share your insights and experiences with the other participants and have an opportunity to see their perspective

- Gather and document the findings in a comprehensive and convenient format that you can practically use as a reference after the conference (all participants will actually receive the outcome of this workshop in an electronic format)

The structure of the workshop is based on several well-known techniques and methods. We’ve integrated them to create a process tailored exclusively to specific demands of our conference. As such, the workshop will be a unique experience available only during this conference.

The session will be held right after the lunch. Often, it is the most challenging part of a conference event for the participants, who are struggling to maintain their energy level. Our goal is to make it the most exciting part of the conference.

- It’s going to be dynamic - we will engage you in four participative sessions that will give you a chance to interact with almost every other participant of the conference.

- It’s going to be entertaining - we will just give you the starting points for the sessions and the rest is fully at your discretion: the way you address the topics, the direction you head to in your dialogue, the experiences and knowledge you share, and the conclusions you reach.

- It’s going to be productive - we will help you create a tangible outcome that will be a summary of the experience and perspectives of all participants and that you can practically use in your projects.


Round Table

Round Table Discussions are a form of communicating in small groups to share concerns, ideas and problem solve in a positive way. Group participation is a key concept and equally active participation and co-operation from all group members will be encouraged. Roundtables provide a structured forum for attendees to meet and learn about each others’ affiliations, interests, experience, and expertise.

In a roundtable session participants agree on a specific topic to discuss and debate. Each moderator/facilitator is assigned to a specific table. While the facilita­tors are prepared to move the conversation along a common thread of discussion, they also know that they should allow the group to flow into conversation that is relevant to the group’s interests.

Roundtables are excellent venues for giving and receiving targeted feedback, engaging in in-depth discussions, and meeting colleagues with similar interests in a more informal way than a panel presentation or workshop. Roundtables do not have traditional audio-visual aids available and moderators may provide only brief handouts (usually a one-page print-out of key points and possibly some questions) because the emphasis is on the discussion itself, rather than a formal presentation.

Some ground rules for roundtable discussions:
- One session lasts up to 30 minutes
- You can choose a different table, provided there is available space
- Everyone participates, no one dominates!
- Keep an open mind. Listen carefully and try to understand the views of those who disagree with you.
- Help keep the discussions on track. Stick to the questions, try not to ramble.
- Focus on constructive ideas and solutions.
- Have fun!





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