This year's main theme:

PMO as a Change Agent


Relive it again: Remigiusz Orzechowski

Challenges that a PMO faces most frequently were the main theme of PhD Remigiusz Orzechowski’s speech. CEO & Business Architect of our Platinum Sponsor – Hadrone Sp. z o.o. led the session “From project management to project portfolio management – PMO challenges”.

As an expert  in development and implementation of software for managing project portfolio and IT services portfolio, i.e. Hadrone PPM and Hadrone SPM, as well as in designing and transformation of IT organisations Remigiusz has a very rich experience from these areas. During his speech he shared Hadrone’s knowledge and observations relating to implementing project portfolio management in Polish organisations.

The speaker asked the audience about some important issues and it is worth to consider it again:

- When was the last time you had up to date and reliable data about all projects at the same time?
-  Are you satisfied with your status/board/SC meetings?
- Are you still tracking only the state of expenditure on your projects? And do you suffer from the "fourth quarter" syndrome?
- Does your organization know the difference between doing the Right Projects vs. Doing Projects Right
-  Do you and your PMO know which projects are feasible?

What can help us overcome the abovementioned difficulties?

The most important is awareness and project  culture in the organization. Another important aspect is adjustment and development of a project and project portfolio management methodology and good practices. The third but not less important is to have the optimal tool for collecting, maintaining and processing projects data. We need a system that will be intuitive and user-friendly, which will be helpful to anyone who will use it. It should provide up-to-date financial data from other systems in the company and allow to present the information in a clear way. So that we can focus on what is most important for us and our company. We shall remember that ensuring the best environment for project realization is very important. It is much easier to find money than to find people!

Thanks to Remigiusz for an interesting and practical session of solutions that support the projects and the PMO.

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