Relive it again: Katarzyna Janik & Edyta Bąkowska-Szczurek

Like every year, the participants had an opportunity to choose between two parallel panels. Who chose the Polish one, took part in a session led by two great representatives from SIG company – Katarzyna Janik, HR Director and Edyta Bąkowska-Szczurek, Senior Project Manager, Coach and Facilitator. They presented the case study on learning organization - building the culture of shared responsibility, which is often associated with extensive project and large amount of work.

SIG operates within the construction sector and is a leading distributor of specialist construction materials and systems. In Poland, SIG has been operating for over 20 years, has more than 50 branches and more than 800 employees. The factor that triggered the changes was new strategy which was introduced in 2013. Another extremely important reason for the change were results of Employee Engagement survey (conducted in 2014) which pointed out the need for fundamental changes; primarily in the areas of communication and management. That is why for the last three years, SIG has implemented a number of inter-disciplinary projects using three methodologies PMI & Agile & Desing Thinking, that built and strengthened the commitment and team shared responsibility.

Returning to the results of the survey, it turned out that areas such as leadership, “my role” in organization, and teamwork have a huge impact on engagement. One of the biggest challenges was to awaken the SIG’s managers self-reflection on their business role, to broaden their perspective, to show that there are new and different experiences and challenges ahead of them.

The next step was to develop a diagnosis of the organization's needs. Based on this, a coaching style of management has been introduced, process thinking has been introduced, using facilitation activities that support employee engagement and enable the process of changing attitudes, thinking patterns and habits during implementation of "hard" optimization solutions.

The action plan focused on four main issues:

Strategy communication – so that each employee can recognize their role in it.

Organization development – creation of an organization that allows every employee to use his or her skills and abilities.

Customer focus - developing an organization culture that surpasses the needs of the customer.

Taking an action - providing managers / leaders with tools so that they can better communicate with their teams, motivate and engage them.

Meeting the best practices of the described experiences and the substantive support of the consulting firms have become the basis for developing the structure of two co-operating departments – Project Management Office and Center of Knowledge.

In conclusion, building a culture of shared responsibility is a way to achieve an unique competitive advantage.

Thank you again Katarzyna and Edyta for your comprehensive and detailed case study! 

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