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PMO as a Change Agent


Relive it again: Mattias Georgson Petrén

After splitting conference room for two, at the English speaking session his presentation had Mattias Petrén. He told about Creating a community for Project Managers, case study from PMI Sweden Chapter. Mattias works in project management consulting,  He is PMI Region Mentor for NW Europe and Past President of PMI Sweden chapter.  Mattias has an academic background with a PhD in engineering Physics, and has 15 years of experience and he worked with projects in various industries ranging from building particle accelerators to ERP systems. He received his PMP certificate in 2006, He also has two agile certifications and He is a certified PRINCE2 trainer.


During His speech Mattias pointed that most important thing is community. People since early years was guttering in groups and communities. He we speaking about his first community which was His home town where he grow up as a little boy. Then he spoken about spreading ideas and then he asked about the participants examples of theirs communities and we have search for success factors, and discussed if these are applicable on other places.

Next he started speaking about creating the PMI Sweeden chapter how grew from 1-2 active volunteers to 40 in a few years. That since 1998 a group of professionals took initiative to start up a PMI chapter in Sweden. A quite dubious task as the PMP certification was not very well known outside North America at that time, and local competition was fierce. The initiative succeeded and almost 20 years later the organizations stands strong in Sweden. There are several reasons why PMI succeeds in country after country, and one of the reasons are the communities that were created.  What happened, and what effects has it on the view upon project management. He also discussed how the PMI community affects business, and if and how further development can be made. And of course, how is this possible to apply in those examples to a business context.

The conclusion of he's speech was that we need to make more stronger communities which will support each other. Only strong community can do thing better, faster and essayer. And will succeed. 

Thank you Mattias for speech!


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