Relive it again: Justyna Baranowska

The first round table session in the Polish panel was moderated by Justyna Baranowska PMO Director in YDP – winner of the Fastest Growing PMO award in 2015. The participants discussed about “Building project managers community”.


Justyna has been supervising the work of Project Managers as well as Proposals and Tenders Team to ensure effective customer service and she has a great experience in building successful teams. In the beginning she presented a few examples from YDP about collaboration and team work. After that in groups at the tables people had a fast networking session, they familiarized to each other and to the formula of round table which means in principle a group discussion. Next, participants were asked to discuss and choose one, best way to build Project Managers community. As in life, participants had different experiences and ideas and among them there were no bad solutions – we just have to match the solution to our situation. We can choose from many ideas and concepts that were given during the discussion e.g.:

  • Internal workshops or seminars for sharing project management experiences and best practices
  • Planned development path and trainings
  • Certification programs
  • Access to knowledge base
  • Newsletters / Corporate newspapers
  • Integration trip/dinner
  • “Project management breakfast”
  • Awards "Project Manager of the year2016", and many others

As usual, time ended too soon but participants could continue the topic and shared their stories and challenges at lunch. Thanks again to Justyna for this active session. We hope that, at least some ideas will be put into practice.


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