This year's main theme:

PMO as a Change Agent


Relive it again: Marek Skała

If you were ever wondering “How to be an authentic leader of own projects” you could find lots of inspiration in the speech of Marek Skała. He is an efficient expert in business, inspirational speaker, the workshop trainer and coach, author of several bestsellers including book: Psychology Changes and Manipulation Disenchantment.


In the beginning based on Jung's archetypes we identified the psychological, social roles of project leader. If you already know who you are - whether a host, a lord or a warrior you should remember that "What you give out, you'll get back" (Russell Crowe). But if you want to change something in your organizations, businesses and communities, you must first understand how to affect individual change. Marek focused on the methodology ADKAR (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement) which outlines the individual’s successful journey through change. You may also use other methods such as micro changes (Micro ChangeàMacro Effect). But how to encourage others to change? Our speaker gave very interesting example of a red, protective helmet. Who was at the lecture knows the story but for those who were absent in brief: 

  • plain, ordinary helmet means change that in the beginning is unwanted and raises a discussion,
  • however, we create such a situation that the change is desirable à red, extra helmet
  • and in the end we are the change and we provide it.

The knowledge and examples that Marek Skała had given could be multiplied, but it is worth mentioning at least such things as:

  • The Kurt Lewin model of change
  • The Hawthorne effect
  • Jonathan Haidt model

We don’t know much about you, but in our team most of us were inspired by the speech and we managed to implement some changes in the first 24h after Conference (according to the rule of Brian Tracy). We are very happy that we could host Marek Skała at our Conference. Thank you again!


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