This year's main theme:

PMO as a Change Agent


Relive it again: Tomasz Boiński & Michał Rączka

After lunch, at the English speaking session had Michał Rączka and Tomasz Boiński, who presented PMO? IT PMO? We don’t need one. They had really thought thing to do, to move sleepy audience after dinner. And they did it. Everybody was really interested in they, speech about Agile methodology and Agile way to provide non IT projects. During their session Michał and Tomasz was speaking about way the project are provided in mBank Bank. Also they speak about why they think that PMO in Agile time should make IT transformation and why their main goal is to achieve Agile Product Management.  Participants were given the opportunity to learn how to adopt Agile methodologies for not necessarily IT projects and how to provide them by Agile methodology. Speakers show many interesting examples from their company, and how they manage, control, report project provided by Agile methodology.


Then after short brake Michał Rączka and Tomasz Boiński provided second in English stream Round Table session about the same title as their earlier appearance. During this RT session participants had opportunity to speak at their tables with participants about how they provide projects in agile methodology. How they adopt agile methodology in they companies for non IT projects. How participants are reporting to PMO projects provided by Agile methodology and how the transformations where made. Later all participants shared the moats interesting and the best way of providing and reporting projects by Agile methodology with other tables.  



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