This year's main theme:

PMO as a Change Agent


Relive it again: Damian Joniec & Elżbieta Gęborek

The second polish, round table session was led by two experienced representatives of our Gold Sponsor – Computer Plus Krakow S.A. Subject matter, How to navigate the stormy seas of deploying information technology PPM tools to organization, gave us chance to discuss mistakes which organizations make when taking the digital step into PPM. A few words about our speakers: Elżbieta Gęborek - the Vice President of the company, business consultant and solution expert for information and knowledge management systems, including PPM and BPM, participates in deployment projects for enterprise and large companies. Damian Joniec who is project manager, business consultant and Project Server expert, in the last 9 years delivered over 50 business software implementation projects in areas of project and portfolio management, collaboration, knowledge management and workflow.


In our companies, sooner or later we face the need and challenge of system implementation and there are many pitfalls when implementing IT systems that support business processes, with Project and Portfolio Management (PPM). Some of them are common, while others are not so obvious. To avoid them or at least minimize them, situation should be analyzed.  It is worth to separate current needs from those that are targeted or potential. But more important is probably not to make mistakes that someone has already made.  And what are the most common mistakes?

  • Unrealistic schedule
  • Lack of user support
  • Lack of support from the board / management

But also

  • Complex requirements
  • Too general requirements records
  • Insufficient inventory
  • Exaggerated reporting system
  • Expected large scale of data stored in the system
  • Communication faults

Let's keep an eye also on the risks that really threaten our  implementation project, among which we can find:

  • Changes or inaccessibility within team members
  • Complicated and long approval and reception procedures
  • Inadequate adoption of the solutions

If you want to enhance your experience, improve your knowledge or remedy the lack of time in your team, you can always use the external expert services.

We would like to thank again our speakers for sharing experience, discussion and for that we could together analyze possible solutions with different approach scenarios for a successful implementation.

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