This year's main theme:

PMO as a Change Agent


Relive it again: Henny Portman

Before last session during this year’s Portfolio Experience conference his speech had Henny Portman. The theme his presentation was Will the PMO disappear in the agile world?


Henny Portman has implemented PMO in many organizations around the world. The speaker focused on demonstrating examples of IT project management agile methodology and how PMO should manage that kind of projects. He talked about coordinating work between teams how to analyze progress and control it at PMO. He also focused on a possible transition of organizations who are introducing the agile way of working. Starting with a traditional project setup using permanent PMO (portfolio level) and a temporary PMO. A result they keep the agile team in place and answered the question, what does this mean for the PMO. He continue His story by adding an agile team. Coordination between the teams can be managed by a scrum of scrum. Still no need for a project organization with PM and project board and no need for a temporary PMO. What does this mean for the PMO? We can institutionalize the coordination by using frameworks like Nexus, SaS, SAFe etc and have an integration manager, a roadmap manager a release train engineer and product managers and product owners. He ended with an overview and positioning of different agile methods and the role of the permanent PMO in an agile world: - understand the added value of a permanent PMO in the agile world, - insights in the consequences for temporary PMOs and PMO staff in the agile way of working, - insights in the different agile frameworks and the positioning to each other.

Thank you Henny once again for speech!

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