This year's main theme:

PMO as a Change Agent


Relive it again: Laurel Sim

Portfolio Experience 2018 was a distinctly successful event. We hope that you share this opinion as well. Thank you for being with us in these days.

To save your memories for longer we are going to start with a flashback series now. In the next days, we will summarize the speeches to remind you the best moments of the Conference.

Conference was held at 16 April of 2018 in Radisson Blu Hotel in Warsaw. At the beginning Maciej Bodych has opened the first day of event clarifying the main theme “PMO as the Strategy Bridge”.
Similarly as in previous years the whole event was being leading by Paweł Dąbrowski as a moderator.

In the first instance we would like to present you Keynote Speaker, Laurel Sim, with her opening speech “Agility Within Your PMO”.      

This presentation brought thought PMO transformation in organizations, sharing perspectives regarding challenges in governance, reporting, and stage-gating in agile-enabled organizations. With an emphasis on lean, agile, and hybrid organizations, this presentation indicated new approaches for today's Project Portfolio Management environments and consider ready-to-use best practices and key best practices. 

Laurel also debunked a few myths that Agile doesn't fit with Governance Framework or it means no documentation whether less discipline. Her talk helped in a deeper understanding of governance processes in agile, lean, or hybrid environments. Moreover Laurel has outlined what are the crucial features of effective reporting in order to better understanding from the sponsor.

We are convinced, that this speech made you feel inspired to implement Laurel's suggestions in your daily routine. To summarising we present one of the main quotation explained why Governance matters:

We need
to BE BETTER to Stay
realize BENEFITS to



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