This year's main theme:

PMO as a Change Agent


Relive it again: Aleksej Kovaliov

After splitting conference room, at the English speaking session Aleksej Kovaliov had presentation entitled “Building agile PMO in a public company”.

Aleksej focused on dilemma between Projects and Products. Projects are unique and temporary, they conflict for the same IT systems resources. Meanwhile IT systems are “timeless” products and live their own lifecycle - continuous support, modifications and development. Project Managers and Agile Leads ignore the specifics of the other side way too often and may find themselves in 2 isolated realities, killing the performance, missing targets and loosing trust in good methodologies. What’s more valuable his speech was based on the real life case study of Lithuanian Post “Agile PMO” implementation in 2017. During His speech Aleksej covered many areas linked with PMO stage gating process, Public procurement techniques and linkage between PMO and IT department.

Thank you Aleksej for speech!

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