This year's main theme:

PMO as a Change Agent


Relive it again: Karolina Pawlina

The first round table session in the English panel was led by Karolina Pawlina, Head of PMO in Medicover with an extensive experience in Medical sector. Round table session is that part of conference where participants are splitted to a smaller groups where they can change knowledge and experience with others in a group. The main topic which was given by Speaker was „PMO in the growing multi company environment”.

The session focuses on finding answers crucial for managing multi company PMO like: How to optimize management of projects involving several business units? How to align the portfolio to various goals of different stakeholders? How to implement PMO in new businesses, joining the group? Session gave opportunity to share thoughts, challenges and success stories about PMO function improvement. Participant discussed about those topics and exchanged knowledge between themselves. Everyone was very involved and wanted to exchange knowledge and experience. After each part of practises groups had to tell about their conclusions which were discussed during practise. After session, participants had the list of practical ideas you may implement immediately at every day work. This was very effective and practical session.

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