Relive it again: Szymon Wiśniewski

The moderator of round table session panel in Polish was Szymon Wiśniewski - deputy director in the Department of Strategic Management at the Ministry of Finance, where he is responsible for strategic planning of the Minister of Finance. The participants discussed about “Implementing PPM in Ministry of Finance”.

In the beginning our speaker presented an initial state of Ministry of Finance and introduce one of the greatest challenge that he had chance to implement, namely National Tax Administration.

After that in groups at the tables people had a fast networking session, they familiarized to each other and to the formula of round table which means in principle a group discussion.

Next, participants were asked to discuss and describe ideal Portfolio Management Office align with their experience and requirements.

During the discussion our prelegent gave many ideas and concepts e.g.:
- Portfolio management as part of a larger puzzle, or what really needs to be changed in the organization.
- Approach to portfolio implementation in the organization,
- Portfolio management as a way to implement the strategy.

As usual, time ended too soon but participants could continue the topic and shared their stories and challenges at lunch.

Thanks again to Szymon for this active session.

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