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PMO as a Change Agent


Relive it again: Mark Price Perry

It’s time to come back to our last presentation during Portfolio Experience 2018 – namely our keynote speaker Mark Price Perry. The subject of presentation was “Business Driven PMO Setup and Management – Testing Your Convictions”. Mark has an outstanding business experience, furthermore he wrote a three book series concerning PMO. Presentation comprised case studies and examples, that reveal, challenge, and correct common misguided PMO setup and management approaches. Mark has also introduced a new way of thinking about how PMOs can be set up and managed, PMO Guidance included roadmap consisting of three steps, two tips, and one Golden Rule that will ensure a successful and business-driven setup PMO.

We do hope that this presentation offered you different insights and ideas, leaving you with many constructive thoughts that you can share with in the workplace.

Thank you Mark once again for speech!

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