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PMO as a Change Agent


Interview with Johnny Mo

The next speaker, Johnny Mo, is sharing his thoughts on PMO with us in a quick interview. Johnny is currently in charge of the PMO and the Enterprise Architect group for Penn West, an oil and gas company in Canada. 

1. Why PMOs takes various forms in organizations? 

In order to stay competitive, companies cannot rely on one size fits all.  There are several other factors to be considered in order for a PMO to be successful.  Only a fine tune PMO can help organization excel.

2. What is your main argument for creating PMO; why organizations should implement PMO ideas?

Corporate strategy alignment is the biggest argument followed by risk and financial management.  When you have a project that goes across several departments, which group can objectively report and govern projects?

3. What key competencies make a good PMO Manager?

A good listener as well as someone that is very good at giving constructive feedback.  I also find that someone that has a lot of experience but isn’t afraid of learning more or new approaches.  Staying constant is the path to inefficiencies.

4. You need to gain support for a new PMO or new process originating in the PMO, who is your first port of call and how do you gain their support?

In my world, my CFO is the first port of call to gain support.  Being a public company, financial numbers are the key metrics.  If the company isn’t making money, we won’t be in business for much longer.

5. How do you show the benefit and value the PMO brings to the organization?

There isn’t another group that is strictly on Project Governance, Project Performance, and Project Standards.  Imagine a for-profit company without a Finance group?  How can you not have a PMO group when you are dealing with projects enterprise wide?

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