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Delivering the Future


Reminiscence - Morten Sorensen

Can you imagine a conference presentation, that is packed with facts, numbers, and hard data, and yet is interesting, emotional, and intriguing? Even more, actually, a presentation that is entertaining! If you wonder how such an impossible mission can be achieved, ask Morten Sørensen for guidance on how to do it. His Portfolio Experience presentation would serve as a model example. A very insightful discussion of the approach to portfolio management, illustrated with real-life, detailed cases has fully engaged the attention of all participants. The topic was presented in a clear, logical, analytical, and exhaustive but not overwhelming way. So, we could not believe that the hour was gone so fast. Too fast for many of the participants, so Morten was busy all day long, answering questions and engaging in countless conversations with participants eager for more of his wisdom. We could not possibly imagine a better start for our event!

Photos by Andrzej Kocuba

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