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Delivering the Future


Reminiscence - Mustafa Hafizoğlu

For many years, the participants of our conference emphasize how important for them is to learn from real case studies presented by the guests who actually played important roles in these case studies. The story told by Mustafa Hafizoğlu about the rise and the collapse of his PPMO was exactly this type of experience. He started with presenting the company (Space and Defense Technologies) and its needs and expectations concerning the PMO that was to be established in the organization. Then he went through describing the phases of that organizational change with a special emphasis on challenges and barriers that it involved. The benefits introduced by his PMO were tangible and real: increased coordination of limited resources, an improved prioritization process, a rise of project managers’ authority, and enhanced capability of knowledge management are just several examples. And despite the fact that the PPMO was closed in 2017 these benefits continue to survive in the organization. Undoubtedly, Mustafa has made his promise and shared with us a unique, eyes-opening experience.

Photos by Andrzej Kocuba

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