Reminiscence - Joanna Gulbierz & Robert Kański

In their presentation "Is there time for a Change Management Office in the Transformation? - how to achieve business results from the collaboration of CMO and PMO based on EFL S.A. case", Joanna Gulbierz and Robert Kański discussed how the change management is working at EFL S.A group. The speakers explained why they had chosen to implement change management methodologies and which methodology they had ultimately chosen. The participants learned about key roles in a change efforts at the project level and what is the scope of responsibility of the Change Manager and Change Management Office. The speakers used the examples from their organization to illustrate, how the CMO can be effectively implemented taking into consideration its interfaces with the PMO. After the presentation, there was time answer questions and share the experiences with other participants.

Photos by Andrzej Kocuba

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