This year's main theme:

Delivering the Future


Program Board Team

Today we would like to present another member of the Program Board, who is also with us from the begining. It is Jerzy Stawicki. 

Jerzy is project & portfolio management, Management 3.0, Kanban, OKR consultant, trainer and coach, with over 25 years of the field experience. He is a promotor of innovative management methods like flow thinking and also of innovative learning methods, like business simulations. He is also leader of improvement projects, workshop trainer, university and conference lecturer, innovator, columnist and articles author.

Jerzy's passion is reinventing and improving organizations and teams with focus on getting results with self-organizing teams and Management 3.0 - style leaders.

Since 2003 together with the group of associates works under the brand JS PROJECT. Earlier worked in SAP Poland, ICL Poland and Siemens-Nixdorf.

After hours he loves traveling (in the East), hiking (in Poland), reading hardboiled detective fiction and studying Marcus Aurelius.

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