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Gold Sponsor of PE2022

Please welcome our Gold Sponsor - Kanbanize

Kanbanize is enteprise-ready Kanban software for agile project and portfolio management. It provides visibility across all projects and portfolios, connects planning with execution, and helps teams deliver faster by optimizing delivery workflows.

Kanbanize is the only management platform on the market that scales naturally in both dimensions - horizontally and vertically. You can start with a single team, expand to thousands of teams and then scale up to the CEO, without breaking anything.

Built upon the idea that all processes evolve, Kanbanize can easily adapt to changes in your organization, regardless of it being a start-up or a fortune 100 enterprise. Equipped with the most advanced feature set in the industry and a support team that is second to none, Kanbanize is a trusted vendor for more than 1000 companies and 250+ partners all over the world.

Their mission is to discover new management ways and share this knowledge through amazingly powerful tools that are easy to use.

They are on this planet to help people do meaningful work and by that accelerate innovation!

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