PMO Award - invitation to the contest

If your company has a project office/PMO, and if the PMO has brought good practice of project management and improved results to their sponsoring organizations in the last year, or if in the last year, the office has shown a clear, rapid, and positive development and thereby had a positive impact on the strategic initiatives of the organization – the competition is for you!

PMO Award is to promote and recognize those PMOs that support project management in organizations and introduce good practices within the structures of the organization.

PMO Award is granted in two categories:

• Maturity

• Fastest Growing

You can join the elite circle of PMO Award Winners and stay next to the Fastest Growing PMOs: Orange Polska S.A. (2014) and TUiR Warta S.A. (2013), or become one of the Most Mature PMOs like ING Bank Śląski S.A. (2014) and Provident Polska S.A. (2013).

Do you want to examine your PMO? It’s easy! Download the questionnaire, fill it in, send it back to till the 4th March 12:00, and come to the Portfolio Experience 2016 Conference to collect the PMO Award.

Detailed information about PMO Award is to find at the website of Portfolio Experience Conference. But soon, we will invite you to the brand new, separated website dedicated entirely to the contest. Stay tuned, the premiere is coming!

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