Welcome the first Speaker

We would like to present you the first Speaker at Portfolio Experience 2016 approved by Program Board.

Mohamed Khalifa is a renowned project management consultant and speaker, who possesses a unique combination of broad-based skills, gained from more than twenty years of project management practice. He was the Community Council Manager of PMI’s Project Management Global Sustainability CoP. Mohamed Khalifa has remained focused on project management for the last seventeenth years. With a rich history of working with multinational companies, Mohamed Khalifa has gained valuable experience of dealing with a culturally diverse workforce. He has actively managed and supported projects in Singapore, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Sudan, Egypt and United Arab Emirates. Mohamed Khalifa managed spanned various sectors including IT, Research, Oil & Gas, Telecom and Government. He developed, implemented and operated many Project/Program Management Offices (PMO), conducted OPM3 assessment and implement Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) MS Project 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Mr. Khalifa will appear in the first, main part of the Conference with his speech entitled "Agility, Change Management and Innovation as Catalysts in Organizational Transformation".

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