What happens on 15.03?

There are some important dates in the Portfolio Experience calendar. Those are, of course, the date of Conference (14th-15th April), dates connected to PMO Award (the deadline already passed on 4th March), as well as our organisational deadlines that only we know. But among them are also the dates that are interesting to you - registration dates - and fees dependent on it.

A few weeks ago, "Early Birds" had an opportunity to buy the entrance for the lowest price. Who were determined early enough, guaranteed themselfes the good price and a fixed place.

The next price change is comming. Exactly in one week, the fee will increase again. What do you think, is it not better to save money and make certain of a place at the Conference right now? Remember that the number of places is limited.

Don't wait any longer! If you would like to get the lower price, register until 15th March, 2016.

Read more for details.

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