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PMO as a Change Agent


Relive it again: Peter Taylor

Portfolio Experience 2016 was a particularly successful event. We hope that you share this opinion as well. To save your memories for longer we are going to start with a flashback series now. In the next days, we will summarize the speeches to remind you the best moments of the Conference.

In the first instance we would like to present you Keynote Speaker, Peter Taylor, with his opening speech “Global PMO Development – The Project Academy Model”.

Mr. Taylor presented a case study showcasing the Global PMO development at Kronos Inc. – a billion dollar Workforce Management Solutions company with 200 project managers overseeing some 5,000 projects each year.

Peter introduced his listeners „PMO monsters”: Project Managers, Business units, customers – people who the PMO must cooperate with. As a solution for PM’s problems he presented the idea of PMO Academy in Kronos. The Academy has been created to support Project Managers and thereby to build the company success on their successes. The manager who come off well, who has an access to knowledge, and who can share this knowledge are a big value and thanks to them the company achieves the economic growth.

The PM effectiveness depends not only on himself/herself but first of all on the others. NASA recognized that a person’s natural and acquired ‘Ability’, the nature of their current and past ‘Assignments’, their ‘Attitude’ to the work, and how they built personal ‘Alliances’ all combined together to deliver true project ‘Effectiveness’. ‘Ability’ without the right ‘Attitude’ or on an inappropriate ‘Assignment’ for example offered low effectiveness and risk project failure.

The Speaker focused on the Project Academy model and the underlying pillars – Foundation, Baseline, Development, Community and Career – that Kronos believes will deliver a future project management community that is educated, empowered and engaged.

Each careful participant knows after the presentation what are PMO ‘5 Ps’: People, Process, Performance, Promotion and PMIS, and why is it so important to keep the balance between the elements. This specific checklist helps PMO not to focus only on selected aspects. You should remember that if you forget about relations you will lose your team, but if you concentrate too much on them and neglect processes or tools you won’t be able to deliver necessary information and project support.

The speech of ‘The Lazy Project Manager’, as he called himself, was a wonderful introduction to the Conference and to the workshop led by him on the next day (to be continued).

Thank you Peter once again!





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