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PMO as a Change Agent


Relive it again: Małgorzata Korytowska

We would like to present next speach about PMO w ING Banku Śląskim.  

Full story of building and ten years of developing of PMO was conveyed by Małgorzata Korytowska, PMP, Head  of Project Management Department at ING Bank Śląski S.A. If you remember, PMO at ING Bank Śląski was  the Winner of PMO Award for the Most Mature PMO of 2014. Launched in 2006, it passed the full path from  the small team to the Project Management Department acting for the Board.  Mrs. Korytowska was talking  not only about good practice but also about where they found the problems and what conclusions arised from  that.

Do you know what was the most important factor to build a mature PMO? That was the ability to adapt to the environment and to adjust activities and services to meet the needs and requirements of the organization. Even though it was realized step by step, challenges appeared from the very beginning.

At first Project Management and PMO implementation was treated as a project. Mrs. Korytowska highlighted how important and essential role was held by one Board Member who was a Project Sponsor. Thanks to that, all activities have gained the high rank and appropriate support at the highest level.

Another success was creation a sense of responsibility and the feeling of being an owner of the project by each project Sponsor. That was achieved by integrating the role of the project Sponsor and management strategy process. After that change PMO did no longer report detailed status of each project but only the portfolio view.

An interesting example of how real and useful approach PMO can offer to needs of the organization is that they don’t use indiscriminately an extensive project initial documentation (which by the way fulfil its role in the ING Group). Instead, they adapted document according to local conditions and needs, and thereby reducing it to 1/3 volume – a truly astonishing approach in its simplicity.

At the beginning people were usually reluctant to take role of Project Manager because of lack of professional and motivational support. Nowadays aforementioned PMO has several certified Project Managers with highest competences, while about 30 PMs are spread in the organization (Matrix Organizational Structure).

Now aforementioned PMO focuses on the role of competence center to provide educational actions and build project culture in the Bank – it means more trainings, workshops, consulting, internships, project mentoring. What is more, equally important function is post implementation review where PMO monitors and very strongly focuses on the benefits provided by the project in comparison to benefits declared at the project beginning.

This and much more could be heard in a really informative presentation.  Check it out once again if you have an opportunity and expect brief, competent and valuable case-study.

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