This year's main theme:

PMO as a Change Agent


Relive it again: Egor Sviridenko & Jerzy Stawicki

As last year, the participants had an opportunity to choose between two parallel panels. Who chose the English one, took a part in a round table session led by a duo combined of two complementary personalities: Egor Sviridenko – software specialist, and Jerzy Stawicki – experienced consultant. The participants could discuss with them the topic “Visual Project Management – the right projects in the right sequence”.

The first round table session is both hard and easy to the moderators. It’s hard because people don’t know each other and it’s easy for the same reason. The session started with some familiarization exercises. In groups at the tables people had a speed networking session, they familiarized to each other and to the formula of round table what means in principle a group discussion.

This helped the participants to loosen up and start to talk. In the beginning, moderators presented some theoretical matter, asked the audience for their opinion, and the participants were no more shy to share their experiences. Egor and Jerzy presented a few examples that visualise project approach – we saw an elephant built from points to realize how important is the visualisation, and a highway that symbolize many projects stacked in a jam.

Next, participants were asked to find the best ways to choose the right projects for execution. Groups prepared their answers on post-its and flipcharts and hanged it on a wall. And as the moderators noticed, that was also a kind of visualisation. The second question was what to do to sequence the execution of projects within portfolio properly. To sum up this part, Egor presented one more inspiring hint how to visualise sequence using a method of CD3 – Cost of Delay Divided by Duration.

We would like to thank Egor and Jerzy for preparing and moderation of the panel opening session that helped us to realize how important is to use visualisation tricks in our portfolio excels and management systems.


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