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PMO as a Change Agent


Relive it again: Craig Kilford

It’s turn to talk about a Speaker who you definitely should keep in mind for many reasons. Interesting and motivating speech led by a charismatic person with using a nice, original Prezi presentation. Do you already know who is it about? Yes, in the next sentences we will remind you the presentation of Craig Kilford: “Portfolio Management: How to get it in 100 days and be 48.8% happier”.

Craig Kilford, aka. Mr. Portfolio Management, was talking about how the Office for National Statistics (ONS) implemented portfolio management across the organisation within 100 days. But before he started to talk, he asked people to shout - shout as loud as they can, to release the energy.

He tried to convince us that we can get portfolio management in 100 days by using the cabinet offices best practice for portfolio management called “Management of Portfolios". There is no surprise that he recommended this particular standard - Craig co-authored it ;)

Next he emphasized how important is Value Experience. Everything must add value. But the value must also be perceptible for members of staff. That’s why he argued that it’s all not about communication – important are conversation, collaboration and community. And happiness is important too. You should measure happiness to be aware if people are properly motivated.

One of the most often mentioned sentence of Craig is the GUCCI principle. Be creative and make things that are Great, Usable, Clear, Concise, Informative. And ask your team for their opinion to be sure that the things are really GUCCI – then you will have the assurance that your idea or your product will add the value. Use underground map as a visualisation method for your portfolio journey. Be creative, try to find inspiration in your surroundings.

With reference to the ONS case, Craig presented the crucial questions that an organisation must to ask itself: How to choose the projects to invest in? What is the ROI for the portfolio? Who benefits from projects? Are the right skills in place? Are the people motivated? Don't forget about the last aspect. Remember, success = people + skills + energy. And measure the happiness!

Thank you Craig for your presentation. We hope to see you again, maybe at Portfolio Experience 2017?



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