This year's main theme:

PMO as a Change Agent


Relive it again: Agnieszka Gasperini

The second round table in the English panel was moderated by Agnieszka Gasperini. The participants discussed the topic “How to develop strengths of the PMO team”.

Mrs. Gasperini refered in the introduction to research from the Gallup found that building on employee strengths is much more effective in raising performance than trying to improve weaknesses. When employees become aware of their strengths, they become 7.8 percent more productive and teams that focus on strengths every day have 12.5 percent greater productivity.

Leaders of PMO are in the best position to recognize the strengths of their team members. And they can empower team members to discover and develop their strengths, and then place them in roles where they can excel. Bringing individual strengths will help to achieve the team’s overall goals.

The aim of session was to learn how to manage the individual and team strengths.

The participants were divided into groups at tables. Each table was a fictional PMO. As a first tasks they were asked to find their individual strengths. For some people it was an easy question, some needed a while to contemplate it. The results were noted on post-its and put on flipcharts. In reference to the answers given by individuals, the groups were asked to find one special feature that is relevant to all of members and that can describe the PMO as a whole. The task required strong collaboration skills. At last, Agnieszka gave each group a set of pictures, so that they could exhibit their creativity. The task was to find a picture that reflects the strength of the team and describe it. After that, the groups presented their results. It showed that the Global PMO (all the tables in the room) is characterised by following strengths:

-              Integrator,

-              Team spirit,

-              Versatility,

-              Creativity,

-              Motivation,

-              Collaboration.

Thanks to Agnieszka and her pleasant session, the participants realised what are their individual strengths that they should develop, and they learnt how to manage the PMO strengths.





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