This year's main theme:

PMO as a Change Agent


Relive it again: Cezary Aniśko

“Team involvement to build the organization's strategy for the years”

A representative of our Sponsor – Microsoft, Cezary Aniśko, owner, passionate about Microsoft portal's technologies and Project Manager of the biggest Polish Government's portals (Wrota, ePUAP) was talking about building the organization’s strategy for the years which has an impact on the security of our country. The strategy will be valid for the next several years, with its range there for approx. 40 companies, 8.500 employees and cooperation with many countries.

In this case study he presented main project environment elements, especially: company profile, geographical location, strategic objectives, division of competence, challenges and risks, technological partner profile and competences, tools and implementation, success factors.

For the purpose of the project, temporary PMO was built as a bridge between client and contractors, to specify current reality and building the future. Motivation of employees, as well as tools for working in the ecosystem of 40 companies in different locations were the biggest challenges.

A summary involved the most successful factors:

  • Young team with an amazing commitment
  • Openness, equality and conscientiousness among all team members
  • Awareness of the project importance
  • The ability of line managers to motivate people of all ages, with different experience and different EGO
  • Woman as a Project Manager – woman soothes the savage breast
  • Chosen technology, competence and experience of partner company who carried out the implementation

The implementation was successful both in meeting deadlines and in delivering expected results – the next 15 years was developed in six months – thanks for Mr. Cezary Aniśko for detailed description of this case!

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