This year's main theme:

PMO as a Change Agent



On the second day of the Conference Portfolio Experience (27 April 2021) will be a workshop in which participants will also be able to deepen their knowledge in a bellow topic.




The PMO as a change agent

by Erik F Steketee





The workshop will be a very interactive hands-on session about the roles of a PMO in the change process. We will apply some tools on your challenges and share insights from your practice and Prosci’s research. The learnings will be that a PMO can be a perfect enabler of change but should never substitute for the role of a sponsor or a CMO.


The workshop covers topics like:

-        Short introduction of Prosci, the leading standard in Change Management

-        Use an assessment tool to check your own project or PMO

-        How to define change success: ROI and usage and adoption

-        Roles of the sponsor towards project, PMO and organization

-        Roles of the CM and CMO

-        Roles of the PMO

-        Work on your own perfect triangle of Sponsor, PMO and CMO

-        How to measure success: Uwaga ADKAR

-        The do’s and don’ts of the PMO as a change agent


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