This year's main theme:

PMO as a Change Agent


Olivier Lazar

The 5 Degrees of Organizational Change, How to Manage Difficult Transformations

Organizational Transformation has become a trendy and frequent tendency in many companies today. All businesses try to transform themselves to gain Agility, productivity, efficiency and develop additional Value triggers for their clients and employees. That’s coming from the increasingly dynamic business environment, raising market complexity and technical factors such as the emergence of digital business models, globalization and integration of automated AI-powered data processing.

But there’s a harsh reality: 84% of digital transformations are deemed failures!

So, “Managing Difficult Transformations” sounds like a euphemism.

In this seminar, we will explore the context and continuum of organizational transformation. We will understand the application of the different levels of transformation to adjust the impact on the ability of the organization to absorb a certain level of change. We will then embrace the human aspects of transformation. What triggers resistance, what nurtures adherence… We’ll look at the political aspects related to any change in how people work and interact, which creates conflicts. We’ll also debunk few myths, some of them might be even dangerous, such as the “5 Why’s”…

Finally, we’ll see how to define and communicate the transformation strategy, translating it into a concrete set of actions and how to measure the progress and success of an organizational change.

The tools, techniques, tips and tricks explored here come from my own experience in leading, managing, assisting organizational transformations for the past 15+ years in various industries and cultures. Some successfully, some less… but always a learning experience which I propose today to share with you.

This presentation is designed for project and program managers, leaders and contributors to organizational transformations and changes. We welcome also those who are impacted by a transformation, to understand where all of this comes from and where it should lead to…


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