This year's main theme:

PMO as a Change Agent


Marisa Silva

From PMO Stakeholders to PMO Customers

If PMOs are to move beyond being perceived as cost centres and become sustainable over time, they need to start thinking of their stakeholders not just as interested parties or groups that can be impacted but as customers. As customers, project managers, executives, team members, and others will have their own needs and wants from the PMO and it is fundamental that the PMO is cognizant of these if it is to deliver to expectations and be an agent of change. PMOs are born to serve. Period. Yet, most PMOs still operate in isolation from their customers, not realising that PMOs are a service to be provided to maximum quality…or unhappy customers will move elsewhere. With a pragmatic and though-provoking approach, Marisa Silva, The Lucky PM, will present the PMO Value Lifecycle model, discuss the needs and services relevant to different PMO customers, and share her tips and tricks on how to make of the PMO a lovemark with loyal and engaged customers. Let’s start a PMO revolution.










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