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Delivering the Future


Workshop - 07.06.2022

Advanced Value-Oriented PMO Strategies and Practices

In a world of constant change, many PMO Leaders have been challenged to rethink their PMOs to ensure that they truly deliver value to their respective organizations. However, this task is neither simple nor easy.

A myriad of magic pills attempts to persuade us that there are ideal PMO models that we must implement in our organizations to achieve success. But real-world experience in the PMO trenches has shown that the key is to come back to the basics, focusing on what truly matters to have the value of our PMO recognized, which is the only way to make it thrive.

In recent years, Americo Pinto has had the privilege of closely observing the evolution of hundreds of PMOs from various countries as members of the PMO Global Alliance, the world\'s largest community of PMOs.

In this workshop, Americo Pinto will share practical insights from this fantastic learning journey, inspiring you to rethink your beliefs and ideas regarding making your PMO indispensable to your organization and executives.


  • PMO Leaders, Sponsors and Executives
  • PMO Staff
  • PMO Consultants
  • Project Managers who wish to transition their careers to PMO Leaders

 * Regardless of your prior knowledge of PMO, this workshop will help you gain a better understanding of the topic from a variety of perspectives.


  • Realize why so many PMOs fail sooner or later.
  • Learn the most critical steps to establish a new value-oriented PMO or re-energize an existing PMO.
  • Understand what to do if the value of your PMO is not recognized.
  • Learn how to keep your PMO on track and relevant to its executives.
  • Start creating performance indicators for your PMO.
  • Understand how to assess and plan the maturity of the PMO.
  • Discover the upcoming PMO trends and how they will impact you, your PMO, and your organization.
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