Hybrid Project Management - Rokas Samuolis

Hybrid Project Management is a term used or miss-used in the media - you decide, while I will map all possible outcomes and pre-requisites to enable any combination. Presentation guides Conference attendees through the Project Management methods and maps them to a "spectrum of options''. Also - ideas are suggested for possible choices, explaining the inevitable trade-offs. Presentation covers possible transitions from one method to another and why it is inevitable for both organizations, projects and products. Finally: myth-busting on the "evil" of Waterfall and "Agile" prophecy. 

Hybrid Project Management:

  • Common essentials or any project
  • Lifecycle of a project

  • Agile essentials

  • Waterfall essentials

  • Lean Essentials

  • Introducing – the spectrum of project management methods

  • Hybrid Project Management Office

  • Other notes:

    • applying Game Theory in project management

    • overlooked factors for Hybrid approach