14 APR 2016


Portfolio Experience Conference 2016 took place on 14-15 April 2016. In Warsaw Radisson Blu Centrum were the best experts and practitioners experienced in managing projects, programs and portfolios of projects. Among them, most are Leaders PMO and high-level specialists. On the first day of the conference they participated in lectures and round table sessions, while the second day some people took part in a day-long workshop. This year\\\\'s conference presided password "Strategic Alignment and Business Transformation".

The success of this year\\\\'s edition was an interesting program, rich in an energetic speakers with extensive business knowledge, which passionately communicate in a clear and inspiring way. So accurate selection of names to the agenda made members of the Program Board, which is chaired by Maciej Bodych, President WHITECOM Experience Project, the main organizer of the event.

At the opening of the conference there was Peter Taylor from the UK. Head of Global PMO Kronos Inc., who calls himself Lazy Project Manager (referring to the title of his bestseller), argues his mission is to teach as many people as "work smarter not harder." And it is password motivated by him during his speech, in which he presented a case study of their PMO and introduced their model Project Academy.

Another presentation led by Damian Joniec representing Platinum Sponsor, Microsoft Company. Specialist for solutions in project management presented the example of using Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management platform, paying attention to the strategic portfolio analysis module and features to create project portfolios optimally implementing the strategic goals of the company. The second representative of Microsoft\\\\'s occurred in a later session, round table with the theme "Engaging the team to build the organization\\\\'s strategy for years." Cezary Aniśko discussed the example of the implementation of the temporary PMO, problems with motivation of employees and integration tools ecosystem 40 companies.

Panel session in this year was divided into two paths language. Panel English language began with the appearance of Beth Ouellette. American with project experience in almost 40 countries with complete fascination convinced the audience that regardless of whether the PMO manages project, program or portfolio of projects, the most important for the success of the organization is the team. According to this approach, it proposed to develop a new shortcut PMO, which could be "Project Mentoring Office". Inspiring presentation full of positive energy has been completed typically American "Never give up!".

In parallel to the path of the English lectures were held in the Polish language. With this change in the formula of the conference participants had the opportunity to hear the best Polish speakers, regardless of the language barrier.

At the opening session of Polish,
like last year, the organizers invited the winner of the previous edition of the PMO Award. Małgorzata Korytowska from ING Bank Slaski told about the road that passed her Office to win the title Most Mature PMO of the Year 2014. Director of the Department of Management in the winning company presented a step-by-step path to development unit, which manages the problems encountered by the team and plans for the future. Listeners appreciated the practical aspects of and willing to continue the conversation in the hotel foyer.

Then in session english, there was duo - Jerzy Stawicki and Egor Sviridenko, who spoke about the importance of visualization in the project portfolio management. Participants moderated by their panel discussed about the methods of selection of suitable projects and their prioritization, and then discussed the possibilities of presentation of the project portfolio. Formula round table helped for the integration in groups and high-speed networking.

In the next room at the same time, discussions at round tables led by Witold Hendrysiak of Raiffeisen POLBANK SA. During the session, the participants answered a series of questions regarding the benefits the projects bring the organization. There were also practical examples and inspiring solutions in response to the question of what to do to successfully implement the management benefits.

The biggest attraction of the conference was a lecture by Craig Kilford from the UK. Craig as a specialist with 20 years of experience in business consulting, but also an artist with a talent stage, able to interest the audience. Its advanced substantively speech took the unconventional presentation diversified and interesting anecdotes. This combination of knowledge and freedom that made the conference participants with pleasure listened to a lecture on the methods of implementation of the PMO in the British statistical office, based on Value Experience and research staff satisfaction.

While Craig Kilford talked about exactly 48.8% happier employees PMO, in the Polish-language panel appeared Piotr Ogonowski. Experienced practitioner in project portfolio management and expert in strategic management in his speech presented a solution that combines these two areas, namely the Office of Strategic Projects. On the practical examples presented the relationship between the implementation of the strategy and management of the project portfolio. There were also words of an agile approach to portfolio management.

At the closing panel of the English language was a loosening, but also motivating to think round table session led by Agnieszka Gasperini. Participants were divided into groups at the tables, creating in this way a fictional PMO. Then they were asked to find the strengths of their new teams. As a result of this exercise, participants defined the values of global PMO (ie. all groups in the room): the ability of integration, teamwork, flexibility, creativity, motivation, cooperation. It\\\\'s a simple task for them was carrying a message that in order to raise the productivity of the team, they should reflect on their strengths and focus on their development.

After the panel sessions it was time for the awards ceremony PMO Award.
This year\\\\'s edition was not without surprises. Form of competition had two categories of awards. Surprisingly, however, all candidates applied to participate in the competition only one of them. Therefore, the jury decided to award one grand prize for the fastest growing PMO and three honorable mentions. The winner of the PMO Award 2015 was Young Digital Planet, and the prize on behalf of the winners received Mrs. Justyna Baranowska, Director of PMO in YDP. Among the awarded companies were Raiffeisen POLBANK, AXA and the Ministry of Justice. Congratulations to the winners and invite all units of project management to the next edition of the competition. At the same time we remind about the possibility of the candidate for the title of Most Mature PMO.

Closing session of the conference consisted of two prestigious guests from abroad. Jack Hsieh from Taiwan talked about adapting the portfolio management to strategy of the organization through the development of new products (New Product Development) and business analysis. He based his knowledge on the example of the Chinese state corporation, emphasizing according to NPD and BA in the ecosystem project portfolio. His speech gave the family nature, sometimes giving examples from real life.

At the end of the first day of the conference we listened to the speech of Mohamed Khalifa from Kuwait, one of the few holders of all certificates PMI. The expert spoke about the factors affecting organizational transformation. Catalysts for change called agility, change management and innovation, but also emphasized the role of the people and effective communication, without which the success of the organization would be impossible. The occurrence was varied anecdotes and energizerami, thanks to which, despite the late hour, the audience actively participated in the lecture.

On the second day of the conference 
was held a workshop led by the
main speaker of the conference, Peter Taylor. Workshop "Leading and Delivering the Best PMO for your Business" combined the knowledge contained in two books by leading, and participants in an interactive way to learn to work with different types of project offices, learned what features characterize an effective project manager, as well as, what really should be the "best" project management office. The workshop was received with enthusiasm, and Peter confirmed that he is a world class coach.

From the hall they reached comments that the level of the conference is increasing from year to year, and the participants curiously awaiting program proposals to the Portfolio Experience 2017.

Also we would like once again thank our event Platinum Sponsor – Microsoft and event partners: Project Management Institute Poland Chapter, Governica Foundation, SKNZP, as well as our media partners: Strefa PMI PC, Project Management Magazine, karieraplus.pl and 4PM.pl. Special thanks to the conference team and volunteers.

We encourage you to follow our portals (Facebook), which publish a series of memories of the best moments of the Portfolio Experience 2016. We also invite you to visit the new site dedicated to the PMO Award (www.pmoaward.pl).

We hope that next year we will meet again in the broad group of specialists of project portfolio management and PMO. We assure you that it will be equally interesting and inspiring!