PMOs of the Future: Adapting to a Transformative Landscape - Dr. Robert Joslin


•            Welcome & Introduction to the Topic

•            Brief about the Speaker(s)

•            Agenda


The Evolution of PMOs – Past and Present

•            A brief history of PMOs

•            PMOs of today


Forces Driving Change for PMOs

•            Technological advancements: AI, cloud computing, AR/VR, and more

•            Globalization and its implications for PPM and PMO management

•            Changing work cultures: The rise of remote teams and flexible schedules

•            Economic, political, and regulatory shifts

•            The importance of sustainability and social responsibility in projects


PMO Adaptations & Innovations

•            Adapting methodologies: from the elements that they are built on

•            PMO roles in promoting and embedding organizational agility

•            Emphasizing soft skills: Communication, leadership, and emotional intelligence in the future PMO

•            Harnessing data/information: The rise of analytics in PMO management/project management

•            Your personal AI assistant and its implications


The Role of PMO Associations & Governing Bodies

•            The dual role: Preserving traditional values vs. pioneering new methodologies

•            Cases where associations drive innovation and support adaptation

•            Addressing potential risks and resistance to change


Technological Showcase - Tools & Platforms for the Modern PMO

•            Introduction to cutting-edge PM tools

•            AI, AR/VR, and other technologies – how they are/will be used in PPM/PMO

•            Good practices for integrating new technologies into PMO Services


Preparing for the Future - Competences, Training, & Continuous Learning

•            Essential competences for the future PMO members

•            Importance of continuous learning and upskilling

•            Certifications, courses, and resources for staying ahead