Workshop: Performance-driven portfolio management - Alexandre Rodrigues

Why attend?

As Edwards Deming stated in the mid-90s “In God we trust, all others bring data”.  From its inception project management science and practice has always been based on the use of objective data to inform decision-making, primarily based on the Earned Value Management (EVM).  Performance-driven management, based on objective data, stimulates transparency, enables informed decision-making based on insights, and fosters a proactive and collaborative management culture.  However, this approach has often found resistance due to both lack of organizational management maturity and difficulty in having access to reliable project performance data in real time and with quality.  With the advent of digital transformation and the emergence of data and insight-drive organizations (IDOs), an opportunity has been created for portfolio management to become performance-driven based on objective project and program data and insights.  But how to implement this framework?  What performance metrics and indices should be produced and what data must be collected?  How to derive insights from these indices, metrics and data, to inform decision-making at all levels in the portfolio?


  • Understand the concept of performance-driven portfolio management
  • Learn what performance indices and metrics should be produced at all levels from projects, programs and portfolios
  • Understand how performance metrics and indices can be used to derive insights that inform decision-making at all levels in the portfolio, from project team members to top management
  • Learn about what data needs be collected in order to produce project, program and portfolio performance metrics and indices, and how to verify the quality of the data
  • Understand the technological requirements and how digital transformation can be leveraged in order to ensure timely data collection and data quality
  • Understand the organizational impacts of adopting a performance-driven approach to portfolio management in terms of processes and organizational culture.